Double Roller Blinds

The Double Roller blinds merges features of a traditional roller blind with the benefits of a venetian, giving you more control of the light and privacy in your home. With the multi-functional system, one blind combines two fabrics to easily switch from day to night mode depending on your mood. Illuminating day and darker black-out fabrics, practically incorporated. From bright colors to neutral tones as from fashionable patterns to renewed classical designs, the Double Roller blinds consist of a comprehensive collection which suits every interior.

  • Combine different fabrics in one blind (i.e. black-out and transparent)
  • Elegant asymmetrical version with minimal light gap between fabric layers
  • Symmetrical version for larger blinds and installation on the recess


We are suppliers to the South African market and neighboring countries with blinds factories in Cape Town and Johannesburg and distribution facilities in Cape Town, Johannesburg and KZN.

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