Smart window coverings

MotionBlinds is smart technology for window coverings applied to a complete range of battery-powered and wired motors and controls for all types of window coverings in residential, commercial and hospitality. Window coverings with MotionBlinds are driven by simplicity and connectivity. The smart technology is designed for easy assembly, installation and ultimate ease of use. Window coverings with MotionBlinds technology can be made smart in a minute and operated in every imaginable way by using smartphones, smart speakers, remote controls and even manually, with a simple pull that automatically sets the blinds in motion.

eve motionlinds

Part of the MotionBlinds concept is Eve MotionBlinds, a series of battery powered motors with Apple HomeKit technology, created in collaboration with smart home specialist Eve Systems, a leader in the development of accessories for the Apple HomeKit ecosystem.


We are suppliers to the South African market and neighboring countries with blinds factories in Cape Town and Johannesburg and distribution facilities in Cape Town, Johannesburg and KZN.

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