Bamboo Floor Care


You may protect your bamboo floor by taking the following precautions:
  • To help eliminate fine particles of dirt / grit that act like sandpaper and will scratch any floor, vacuum of or sweep as needed.
  • Spills shoud be wiped up immediately.
  • Use walk-off mats at entrance doors and in front of kitchen sinks. Avoid rubber backed or other non-ventilated mats or rugs.
  • In the kitchen, use a rug in front of the working areas, such as the stove and sink to prevent local premature wear.
  • Weight distribution is a key factor in preventing indentation. Install proper protectors under “feet” of furniture.
  • Caster wheel chairs should have wide “rubber” not plastic wheels.
  • Maintain adequate humidity levels. If necessary, use a humidifier.
  • Periodically check floor for signs of wear.
  • Never use tape or other adhesive products on an acrylic surface.


Sweep or vacuum floor frequently in order to avoid to build up or abrasive particles. Use Krono-Kleen® wood and laminate cleaner available from your local retailer.