Automated Motion Blinds

Motorized window coverings is still mistakenly seen as complicated and luxurious, in particular due to the expected need for electrical infrastructure and high installation costs. When it comes to MOTION, nothing could be further from the truth. Ease-of-use and simplicity make MOTION a true game-changer in the market for motorized window coverings.

MOTION window coverings are completely cable-free, which makes them just as easy to install as manually operated blinds. No advanced technical knowledge is required to install and program the window coverings or to connect MOTION with other smart home applications. Anyone can do it, motorization has never been easier.

MOTION is applicable to various types of window coverings, offering solutions for every requirement. MOTION window coverings can be seamlessly integrated into existing smart homes, or they can be a first step towards a smarter home.

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We are suppliers to the South African market and neighboring countries with blinds factories in Cape Town and Johannesburg and distribution facilities in Cape Town, Johannesburg and KZN.

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